Ground Mount

We provide Ground PV module mounted structure with fixed tilt as well as seasonal tilt structure.

A standard ground mounted is one in which metallic member is driven or piled into the ground to hold the solar PV modules at a specified tilt.

A Pole mounted solar system incorporated with tracking system , which automatically tilts the solar pane lto capture the optimum amount of solar radiation in which multiple solar PV modules are supported on a single pole and elevates panels higher off the ground than a standard ground mounted structure.


Flat RCC roof

We provide Ballast based non-penetrating PV module mounting system for flat roof, which uses a holder or tray as the base assembly filled with Pre cast cement blocks or other dead weights to hold solar PV module mounting structure at place and protect it against wind speed.

Penetrating fixed mounted system are used when a roof cannot support extra weight, by bonding the PV module mounting structure’s foundation or pedestal to mother RCC slab of the roof with anchor fasteners and bonding chemicals. Solar PV modules are attached to the mounting system through either clamps, clips or fasteners.


Inclined sheet metal

Corrugated metal roofs with trapezoidal profile, solar panel arranged in either portrait mode or landscape mode. A rail reverted to metal roof with pop rivets or brackets are riveted to metal roof using pop rivets.

A Rail System: Rails attached to the tiled or sheet metal roof to support rows of solar panels. Each panel, usually positioned vertically/portrait-style, attaches to two rails with clamps. The rails secure to the roof by a type of bolt or self-tapping screw, with appropriate gasket materials installed around/over the hole for a watertight seal.

Rail-less systems : Instead of attaching to rails, solar panels attach directly to hardware connected to the clamps fastened by bolts/screws going into the roof. The module’s frame is essentially directly connected to roof without any rails which offers less load on the sheet metal roof. The solar PV modules are not restricted to the single direction of rigid rails and can be positioned in any orientation with this rail-free system.


Wall Mount

It is best suitable when less roof space & ample south face wall. A solar panel with fixed tilt mounted on wall to capture sun’s radiation.


Solar Tree

A Solar Tree structure incorporating distributed solar panel on single pillar, like a tree trunk. It is a aesthetic model to suit the need public park, gardens, market place.



Overhead structure is best suited where there is no space on roof, ground. Overhead structure can be fitted roadside using steel structure with fixed tilt.